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Restoration & Preservation 

personal philosophy 



As an active member of my local historical society, I am deeply committed to intergenerational community building and the preservation of our shared history. I believe that by safeguarding our past, we gain invaluable insights that guide us toward a more informed and thoughtful future. My involvement allows me to bridge the gap between generations, fostering a mutual respect and understanding that enriches our community. Much like my role with Drag Story Hour, preserving important historical narratives and artifacts ensures these treasures are appreciated and handed down to future generations.



Restoration is my true passion, and I am currently documenting my journey of restoring a charming 1930 Dutch Colonial cottage. 

On TikTok, II share my experiences, challenges, and the intricate details of bringing this historic home back to its former glory. This project is not just about renovation; it's about preserving a piece of architectural heritage and breathing new life into a structure that tells its own unique story.

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